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Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Midland Media is a digital marketing company that specializes in visual storytelling. To ensure that your story is told with the look and feel that matches your brand, the first step of the creative process is to learn and understand your company and its market. This understanding makes it easier to create content that’s geared towards your target audience.

Midland Media offers video production, photography, and web and graphic design services. Your message and how it’s being delivered will decide what services you need, but an effective content mix of videos, photos, articles, and graphics is the best way to communicate your message. Having a reliable, trustworthy partner that’s able to produce a variety of compelling content will refine your message and take your content a step further.

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Sean Heisey | Content Creator

I use my artistic passions to help others communicate more effectively. For the past decade, I’ve been making videos, taking pictures and designing websites that tell stories.

The creative process is filled with challenges and discoveries that I find fulfilling. It’s enjoyable to share the process and establish good relationships through it. My experience working in the news industry, corporate creative departments and marketing agencies have fostered a skillset that enables me to tackle any project.

I’ve learned a lot, but with every project I always learn something new.