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Midland Media is built on the notion that many companies need digital content but don’t have an in-house creative department. Midland Media partners with those companies to fulfill their creative needs. It’s like having an on demand creative department. As we work together, we will build an archive of assets that we can use for future projects, saving time and resources. Midland Media is based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and works throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.



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Sean Heisey

Visual Communicator

My name is Sean Heisey and I am the founder of Midland Media. I started this creative agency in January 2021. It’s built on my passion for helping people communicate.

My career has fostered a versatile skillset. Working in the news industry has taught me to be a fast and efficient storyteller and my background in marketing has honed my attention to detail. I’m creative by nature and love solving problems.

Continuous improvement is one of my core values. I am always open to trying something different and experimenting with new tools and technology. I have an ambitious plan to continue growing my network of trusted clients and one day establish a team that will be able to tackle larger, more complex projects.